Monday, August 15, 2005

Bleeding heart me...

I have been trying to have a deep thoughts kind of post recently… And I have yet to come up with one. There are a few things on my mind right now, mainly because they are in the political sphere lately. Gaza going back to the Palestinians, increasing governmental involvement in private lives here in the US, and my fear that Roe v Wade will be overturned before Bush’s term is up.

The one I have the most thoughts on is Roe v Wade being overturned. My thoughts on the Gaza thing are basically, “Alhamdulilah” and “It’s about time.”… And the increasing governmental snooping into our private lives… Well, yeah. Dead horse, I would just be beating it.

My feelings about Roe v Wade are pretty strong. The more I fell it coming, the stronger they get. Which is weird because I can’t imagine a scenario where I would have an abortion. I’m sure the stem cell stuff is fueling that a little, but basically I have the same stance I have had since reading in college what life was like for women before abortion was legal. I think that abortion is a medical procedure and anything regulating it should be done by doctors for medical reasons. I think the right to have an abortion is fundamental. Now let me qualify that by saying that I mean abortion in the first trimester… I don’t want to muddy the water with partial birth abortion and such.

Women died trying to get abortions before they were legal. Now, I know people are dying in the “war” on drugs everyday, and you could get all, “Well, UmmLayla maybe we should prevent those deaths by legalizing drugs!” No, I don’t think the arguments are even close to the same (and I am for legalizing marijuana, and not just for “medical use” either). And furthermore abortion is a very personal issue; no one gets involved except the woman. On the other hand if you legalize drugs or prostitution people will be affected because they will be partaking of these things. I don’t think there was ever a woman who had an abortion simply because she could.

I know, I know, “But UmmLayla, the baby is involved!” Now here is where I just hope I am not going to get any hate from Muslims. Folks, in our religion the baby isn’t a baby until somewhere around 40 days. So, religiously I think we are able to say that early abortion isn’t ending anyone’s life. And, I think that it would be safe to say that if you could justify it to yourself and your God… Well, the decision is yours.

I don’t think such a decision has anything to do with government. And, if you were to outlaw abortion I think it would be a clear violation of the separation of church and state. I really don’t see why government is getting into these things anyway. If our government is so pro-life what’s up with the death penalty and invading Iraq?

Now, I have no problem with people wanting to educate women about the choice they are making (as long as you spare me the “sanctity of life” junk because it doesn’t apply in all belief systems). I hope everyone who has an abortion should know there are other options… But, if you are going so far as to force those options on people… That is when I get mad. Really mad.

I just don’t want to see us go back to the days of hangers and back alleys. And I want the government to quit using what I feel is largely Christian (no offense to anyone) logic to make policy. Separation of church and state… That means no matter how many people are claiming the faith our President professes he can’t make policy based on that. And this one is clearly in that category in my mind. So, unless the constitution is somehow ratified to declare Christianity the official religion of the US, let’s keep it at home kids. At least for now I think I am more comfortable in a place where there are choices and freedoms… And of course no book burning… But that’s another post entirely.


Surviving said...

I have similar feelings about abortion. I personally think there are better options available. However, I would also hate to see woman reverting to the past. Especially seeing as birth control has become such an issue with some pharmacists. It seems that the majority of people making these decisions about what a woman can do medically are men. They generally don't have an medical training and certainly don't know what it is like to be a woman dealing with these issues.

UmmLayla said...

I agree that there are alternatives... Much better ones as a matter of fact. But if I consider the things women did before abortion was legal, I really get worked up about it.

I guess it just comes down to feeling like the government shouldn't regulate something that is a personal choice. I feel the same way about emergency contraception, abortion pills and such. It's like this weird thing with not wanting to admit that people are having sex for reasons other than procreation. And don't even get me started on crazy pharmacists and birth control... Keep it at church buddy.

Of course if men had babies we wouldn't even be talking about this. Yeah, so I'll give up my right to choose when John Roberts has George Bush's love child.

Surviving said...

LOL!!! I like the love child idea!!!

laura said...

Assalam aleikum,
well I do feel also that abortion shouldn't be made illegal because of the dramatic consequences this would have on women's lifes, but on the other hand I feel like if you want to have sex, you must be responsable of the consequences of your acts.
People are irresponsable, of course you can say that these are accidents but often I think it is just a lack of attention or maybe of care. There are quite a few women out there who have had more than one abortion and don't tell me they were all accidents.
Life is sacred, the baby's and the mom's and of course the life of a full human being comes before that of an uncomplete one. But it makes me angry how many women act irresponsably.
Maybe there is a lack of education. I don't know, probably but there is also a lack of values. People will do anything now and abortion is getting too normal and may I say "used too much".
I think there is a good reason to why Allah made sex unlawful out of wedlock and the abortion problem is a proof of this wisdom. If people only engaged in sexual relations with their spouse, in a stable relationship with the understanding that they are going to build a family then most of the abortion problem would disappear.
And what right have we to kill life that Allah created in us?

UmmLayla said...

I am all for personal responsibility... And I would say I am pro-choice, not pro-abortion. And I can't EVER see myself having one.

The reality of the world right now is that there are plenty of women getting pregnant who will go to great lengths to have an abortion. And as much as I wish they could go back and prevent it, they can't. Maybe that is why I also feel strongly about the availability of birth control, including emergency contraception. Education is the key, and I hope that abortion is the last resort.

I am a low government involvement in all things actually. It's at the heart of so many things that I believe in. I am for legalized marijuana too. I really don't see a big difference between alcohol and pot. Actually in a lot of ways pot is less harmful. So you are just legislating taste (as Bill Maher would say). Hmmm, I think I feel a post coming on....

laura said...

Yeah I don't think I'm for legalizing marijuana because it'"s like saying that it'ok to consume when it's really not ok. Same for cigarettes. You can educate all you want, people are still smoking. I think people drink more when alcohol is legal than when it isn't. Sure there are all the problems with the black market and the higher crime rate that goes with it but when you make things legal it's like you're saying that it's morally acceptable and the problem never ends.
But maybe you're right and things would generaly be worse if alcohol and cigarettes were illegal.
I am totally for birth control of course, no need to even talk about that one !!!
Anyways I'm not for having access (and my children!) to drugs at the corner store market.

cncz said...

re abortion in Islam: my shaykh says that first trimester abortions are permitted. I'm not saying other people are wrong, I'm just saying that is what I was taught. The justification is the time limit from when the soul is blown into the body.

Anyway, I am staunchly pro choice, because I don't see the pro lifers giving us any real social alternatives. they essentially tell teenage mothers that they are bad for getting pregnant, and then wax poetic about adoption and so on, when in reality adoption is so complicated and no social mechanisms exist to protect the mother. Also you know that if one of Bush's kids got pregnant at 14 in a country where abortion was illegal, she would still find a way to get one. a rich girl could always get one, and it was always poor women in the back alleys with coathangers. And that is what Roe v Wade was all about- protecting women in socially precarious situations.