Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sometimes people just make you smile:)

Today I was in a little uniform hell all day long; lugging boxes down from the attic, hanging go backs, re-ordering things that have gotten messed up... You get the picture.

And in the last part of the afternoon a mom came in looking for a sling for a baby she was about to adopt. So, I showed her the slings and we got to talking... And who knows what made me say it but before I could stop myself I heard the words "adoptive breastfeeding" coming from my mouth.

Come to find out this mom had gone to the local nurse-midwife/lactation consultant to ask about it and was given no help what-so-ever... So, my social blunder turned out to be a good thing because I gave her some information and an SNS.

People like that make me smile. Not only do they want to ad to their family in a way I think is really admirable, but they are striving to do their best at it. They sincerely want to give the adopted baby the advantages in life they gave their bio-babies. So, I just wanted to give a shout out to the adoptive moms and dads out there doing their very best. Masha'Allah. I really respect it.

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