Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tune in, Drop out

Soooo, after feeling all at sea yesterday about what my life would be like dealing with the school system and all the lovely things sending our DD to school would entail DH and I came to a compromise.

I will start a homeschooling co-op here in our own (with the help of a local mom who has been hsing for a long time). Once said group is in place I will pull her from school. Needless to say I am a little anxious to get the group going so I can pull her from school. Kinda funny since tomorrow is her first day and I am already looking into pulling her. I would never start her but DH is insisting.

So, if you have any experience with HSing co-ops... Let me know. I could really use the help.


Umm Zaid said...


No exp. here. I really wish there was something, but I think the closest co-op to here is clear on the other side of Boston, so it would be a hassle for us to attend. We do have a local Muslim HS'ers mailing list, and the sisters get together for activities every now and then.

Good luck w/ your HS'g, may God make it successful for you all. Sometimes I post hs'g friendly activities / links / ideas on my D. Tranquility blog.

UmmLayla said...

You know the feeling that you get as a mom when something is just a bad idea? Well, that is how I felt packing my DD's things to send her to school Wednesday. Alhamdulilah, DH respects mother instincts, so we talked about a compromise between our two opposite views of education. The co-op answers his concerns about isolation and me getting burned out. Insha'Allah, it will help us in the long run.

I think if we already had a weekend school at the mosque or something the co-op wouldn't be so essential (we may never have even considered public school). But where we are I do need to think about things to get us out of the house and around other people. And most other Laramie HSers have the same concerns, so it will be cool to get together.

I'm soooo excited about the whole thing actually. I want to do unit studies on things that interest the kids to start. I think our first one will be on fish, since that is the current obsession around our house.