Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Meme from Umm Zaid

Seems we made this a meme… And Umm Zaid tagged me, so here goes!!!

1) Do you think your blogging friends have an accurate image of you? How well do you think you know them?
I would say people who read my blog on a regular basis have a pretty accurate image of me, since I talk about my life and how things relate to my life… But, I can’t say for sure.
I don’t assume I know anyone well until I meet them in person or know them via personal conversations for quite some time. So, I guess the answer is I don’t know many other bloggers well.

2) Is there a certain 'type' of blog that you usually read? Do you mostly read blogs of people similar to you or different from you?
No, no type. I read whatever catches my interest. Most of the blogs I read are written by Muslims; mostly converts now that I think about it.

3) If there was a blog convention and you had the opportunity to meet everyone in blog-land in real life would you go?
Oh, I would so be there;) But I would be hoping for some children’s activities because I bring them everywhere!LOL

4) If you went and you were seated at a table for four, which other bloggers would you want at your table?
OK, well that is hard… I would love to get some really conservative news type blogger (does Rush have a blog?) at the same table with Dictator Princess, Leila M. and Umm Zaid… Hey, they wouldn’t have to serve a main course, we could have him for dinner!LOL We’ll teach him a thing or two about uneducated, oppressed Muslim women!LOL

5) Do you share your blog with significant others, family and friends in your real life or is it your little secret?

Half and half. I don’t really talk about it with my husband, so it is kinda secret… But he is a smart guy, so I know he knows that I probably have a blog. But since he never goes online except to e-mail people from work I think he just doesn’t really care to investigate further;) As for other people… My brother is a fellow internet addict, so he knows I blog but nothing specific like the address or anything. And a few people I know ITRW have the address, but I don’t know if they are regular readers.

Hmmm, so I tag Safiyyah, Umm Ibrahim, and Sobia.


Umm Zaid said...

salaams: LOL about your dinner party comment... hee hee

Um Ibrahim said...

thanks for the Tag, i'll try inshaAllah.

Leila M. said...

bah, I am totally pshaw! Me, a cannibal? bleh

UmmLayla said...

Metaphorically speaking of course! Besides I don't think Republicans are halal.