Tuesday, October 11, 2005

7 Things

OK, I got tagged by Surviving and have been meaning to do his for a few days soooo…

7 People I admire:
1. Prophet Mohammad, actually all the prophets…
2. Ina May Gaskin (famous midwife)
3. Homestead wives, for their capacity to endure tough times
4. Khadija (as in Mohammad’s wife)
5. Gandhi
6. Malcolm X
7. Thoreau

7 things I plan to do this year:
1. Finally get my house in order
2. Read one book on Islam every month
3. Visit my MIL in Egypt
4. Learn at least some Arabic
5. Memorize more Quran
6. Submit the first section of my midwifery curriculum
7. Get up early enough to have an hour to myself every day

Books I love (excluding Quran): Now this is hard since my actual “must keep under all circumstances” takes up several boxes in my storage and a few book shelves in my house)
1. Spiritual Midwifery
2. Lies My Teacher Told Me or Lies Across America
3. The Inhabited Woman
4. All books by Anne Rice (but not those written as Ann Rampling, bleh!)
5. Reading Lolita in Tehran
6. The Red Tent
7. The Bell Jar (or I would trade it for a book of her poetry)

7 movies I have to own:
1. Lost In Translation
2. Eternal Sunshine
3. Fight Club
4. Surviving Picasso
5. Keeping The Faith
6. Finding Neverland
7. Evita

7 places I want to visit (not including Mecca and Medina since they are obvious, or any place I have already been):
1. Morocco
2. China
3. India
4. Iraq
5. Alaska
6. Hawaii
7. Sinai

7 places I've already been:
1. Egypt
2. Japan
3. Singapore
4. Malaysia
5. Taiwan
6. Indonesia
7. Canada

7 websites I love:
1. Kelly Mom
2. Post Secret
3. Wasfa Sahla
4. Hathor
5. Midwifery Today
6. Crayola.com
7. Al Muhajabat

7 people tagged:
Well, it seems like everyone has been tagged already!


lala-po said...

Al salam alaikum-

Mashallah you've really been to many countries! How did you get the opportunity to travel so much? Which place was/is your favorite?

UmmLayla said...

Hmmmm, well in a past life I had a very wealthy, very Japanese fiance who liked to travel.

And of course DH took me to Egypt;)

My favorite place? Egypt hands down, but Japan was wonderful too. In Egypt I had the feeling I might be on the national geographic channel, and that was really overwhelming. But Japan is wonderful for so many quirky little reasons, and the old capital Kyoto is beautiful.