Tuesday, October 18, 2005

OK, I heart my new laptop.

I never thought I would be so into having one... But I think it is really going to be nice for me. And besides now if I download a virus or something it won't be onto my DH's work PC... Which would be a big problem!LOL

Now the really cool thing is the wireless networking. How can you beat having your kids playing in the park while you browse online?

In other news I am thinking of taking a trip to see my grandma in OK... She is really ill and I have been thinking I want to see her and have the kids see her before they move her to a nursing home and sell the house. Of course I am ready for that to be a big fiasco.

So, it is getting harder to make excuses for not fasting... And I am a compulsive truth teller... So I am not sure how much longer the pregnancy can remain a secret. But, I will not just up and announce it AP style or anything. I am thinking that eventually someone will ask me directly if I am and like true psycho I will just say yes.

I am tired, really tired. And DH is getting annoyed with it all too quickly. I spent all day yesterday lounging once I had done a minimal amount of cleaning. I know he is annoyed; he will have to get over it. It's bizarre that there is no real answer for first trimester fatigue. How could something so universal be unexplained? Hmmm, to complicated I guess.

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Surviving said...

I love my laptop as well. I live being able to move it anywhere in the house. I don't have a wireless connection, maybe one day.