Friday, October 14, 2005

Ramadan goals...

So I have all these lofty ideas about what I want to do every day during Ramadan... And then I have what actually gets done around my house. Here is yesterday for example:

1.Get some shopping done while the kids are in gym class and preschool reading program.
What actually happened is I wound up at the store with a toddler who thought being home would be better and ended up running to the restroom several times feeling like I was going to hurl.

2.Cook dinner while kids take a nap in the afternoon.
Kids refuse to take a nap... Of course I got side tracked and dinner got started about an hour before sunset which meant sacrificing planned dishes for quicker ones... Bye Bye oven macaroni.

3.Do Islamic studies lessons with all three kids.
Youngest child sat with us, repeating "Adam is poopy" (since our lesson was about Adam) until I finally let him go. DD went into a whole thing wanting a detailed explanation about how angels could be made from fire. Husband woke I and I went into a whole thing about how much I wish there was a better Islamic studies course book and how they go between concepts which are too advanced and too easy. So they ask to paint, ok.

I get out the paints and go to start dinner finally. Within 10 minutes the cat comes running out of the room with a big blue streak on her back followed by youngest exclaiming, "I PAINT KITTY!!!". So, instead of starting dinner I have to bathe, dry and council the traumatized cat.

4.Have a nice dinner and then go to pray taraweh at the mosque.
DH remembers once dinner is cooking that he needs my help with something at his work. So we all go to he warehouse and get dirty and grubby finishing said work.

We get home and rush to eat. The kids now need a serious bath. By the time we are done it is 8:30 and taraweh at our mosque is at 8, so yeah....

5.End the day by reading with DH while kids are in bed and discussing the deen.
Bedtime passes... No one is in bed. Tell them go, husband tells them go. Kids keep coming out of their rooms for various and silly reasons. I thought they would be in bed by 9, it is now 10:30.

So, to tired to read we watch "Real Time with Bill Maher" instead and go to bed ourselves.

So much for lofty goals!LOL


Surviving said...

Things aren't working out the way that I had hoped either.

Tasmiya said...

I hope you don't mind if I say this post really made me laugh. Not that I am laughing at you but more WITH you (hoping you too are at least smiling when you look back at these times). It's comforting to know there are other mums out there who struggle some days. InshaAllah, He gives you and all of us sabr and a sense of humour to cope!

UmmLayla said...

No, of course it is supposed to be funny!lol