Saturday, October 29, 2005

Book Review, long overdue

Unassisted Home Birth, An Act of Love By: Lynn Griesemer

I was overall pretty interested in this book. And I myself have been thinking of unassisted, but then I think about how I would feel if an emergency happened and we couldn't handle it. So, as long as DH is not ready to learn some midwifery maneuvers... I think I am happy with a midwife thank you very much. I know birth is safe most o the time, and all that... But shoulder dystocia sticks in my mind when I think about birthing unassisted.

Oh yeah, the book!

I agree with lots of the book, and there is something to be learned from unassisted home birthers as far as birthing as a couple and trusting birth. I really admire the spirit of togetherness and the bond spouses who have gone through this share.

But, as she says in the book... I am the midwife mentality who will say, unassisted birth is just not for everyone. But, if you have even a fleeting notion to consider it I think you should read this book. It is full of information and true narrations of birth tales from couples. The author asks lots of great questions about pre-natal care and how much birth knowledge couples had... It is really enlightening. I found it amazing to hear about the experiences of the couples in this book, how they arrived at their beliefs, what birth was like for them... I wouldn't have liked the book if it didn't have all those interviews.

I think it is low on the priority list as far as pregnancy reading for me... It seems like most couples are on the fence about home birth even with a midwife, so I think the number of people who will choose unassisted is small. But, if you know you are interested in going unassisted, I think you should read this book. And get ready for people to think you've lost it... But that's another story entirely!LOL

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