Wednesday, November 09, 2005

DH and the mystery illness, again

In 2003 my husband was hospitalized with an illness that basically boils down to pneumonia... They weren't even sure he was going to make it. Then in 2004 same thing, but this time worse. So they ambulance him to Colorado. Where they do lots of testing and find nothing. Now, here we are again this year and he is in the hospital again with the same thing.

This time, they want to transfer us to National Jewish... Great, but we are afraid of the cost and what happens in the long term there. Are we going to end up losing his job and having thousands in bills? So, we are trying to get him in as a research case or something. After all he is an unknown at this point. Bottom line, we need to go there... The big question is how?????

Please keep him in your dua. We are not walking out of the hospital without a diagnosis and a plan this time. It seems like this thing is just lying in wait, but it is always there.


camilla said...

I pray everything will be fine for you & family,inshallah. Take care.

Layla said...

Insha'Allah everything will be fine. Thinking about you often. You will be in my duas. Please send my Salaams to your hubby.

Lots of hugs and take care of yourself!!!

cncz said...

incha Allah everything will be fine. you and your family are in my duas.