Saturday, November 05, 2005

Our Eid

So, we have spent the last two days celebrating Eid at our house. The first day was at the mosque here in Laramie. They played games and there was tons of food... Then we went shopping yesterday for some new toys for the kids, new clothes... And last night we had a nice dinner at Red Lobster. Yummy!

Also, right before Eid we went and got two lambs from a local rancher and slaughtered them and cleaned them on his ranch. And as much as I like having the freezer full of fresh halal organic meat... It was a major pain cutting up all that meat!LOL It took us an entire evening. We started at 8pm got to bed at like 3am. But, alhamdulilah, we only do it like once a year. And we got quite a bit of meat from these lambs. Maybe I would be more enthusiastic about it if I wasn't the type of person who can live without meat.

Anyway, overall we had a pretty good Eid. Insha'Allah we can do some better planning for the next Eid an it will be even better!


be said...

eid mubarak

Um Ibrahim said...

Eid Mubarak!!

You are really brave to slaughter them yourself, i admire that.

UmmLayla said...

Hmmm, DH is the brave one!LOL But, he is motivated by a variety of things including what he has learned about the benefits of sacrificing. For both of us we feel that if you are going to eat meat, be one with it. No, lamb doesn't come from the international market... It is a living breathing animal, and so we want our kids to see it like that too.