Saturday, November 05, 2005

Modest Maternity?

So, here I am already big... No, huge for dates. Actually, I am thinking I may be really off with my LMP date or something. But, I don't want to have an ultrasound to see where I am because I am uncertain of their safety at this point. So, here I am wondering what's up with a second trimester tummy at 9 weeks. Chalk it up to this being my fourth pregnancy I guess. Anyway....

The whole situation has me thinking maternity clothes. And once again I am going to have to face wading through racks and racks of clothes that I would never wear. But, much to my dismay it seems worse this time than when I was pregnant with Yousuf more than three years ago.

I guess there are some women out there who look great in these fitted, tummy showing type clothes... But what if I would never put a leg in a pair of these stretch jeans and midriff baring t-shirts? What are other hijabis out there doing for maternity clothes? Last time I got some plus size stuff... But I hate it because the top half is always too big and the shoulders on the jumpers keep slipping. They just make them so big across the shoulders!

So, I am thinking I will do what I did when I had the same dilemma with nursing clothes. I am going to make my maternity clothes. I am wondering though... Do you sisters think there is a market for modest maternity clothes out there? I certainly can't seem to find many places selling them. Maybe I should start a website for maternity/nursing clothes for Muslim women. Of course business ventures involving the ummah are unstable at best. Everyone gets things cheaper "back home". Hmmm, been pondering it a lot lately...


Um Mahtab said...

I am in my first pregnancy. I am on a budget so... i bought only a pair of nice pregnancy jeans, something that i could wear with anything. As my tummy started getting bigger i started using my shorter jammie gowns (they are like big tshirts) as tops... hehe nobody noticed cause it was all under the jilbab. ;) I also wore a poncho when my tummy was medium sized. Now that it is fullterm jumbo size, well... i wear my shalwar kameez top with the jeans, with a sweater or the jilbab that won't close on top. UGH! Nothing seems to work now, so i just stay home in my jammies as much as possible. ^_^ I seriously dont understand why pregnancy clothes are made so figure fitting. Methinks your idea of Muslima preg fashion is in order.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu 'alaikum.

What about dresses? They're cool and I wore them with my first pregnancy and with this one (btw we're kinda close)... I'm not showing yet, so I can still wear my normal clothes, alhamdulillaah.

Um Ibrahim said...

Kmart and walmart sell ok maternity tops. then combine with a larger sized elasticed skirt to pull over your tummy or regular elasticized skirt that you pull under your tummy.

In the arab countries the maternity clothes are mostly pants outfits, though you can find some dresses in the major cities. But mostly arab women wear a larger size jilbab or the gulf style black abayas that are one size fits all.

Anonymous said...

did u have 2 c sections alreday?
i take it you have 3 children now-so which were the c sections and far apart were they?
sorry 2 be so curious as i'm just wandering whether it is possible to deliver normally after 2 c sections which i have had.

alienbea said...


I wore oversized maternity tops with a maternity turtleneck underneath, and an enormous stretchy skirt.

There is a real lack of made-for-pregnancy modest wear and made-for-nursing modest wear; you can "make do" with what's available but it never works as well as a "made-for" would.
Your husband and your family are in my du'as, insha'Allah. My husband also occasionally suffers from a never-really-diagnosed, recurring illness and I can understand your worry. Insha'Allah you'll be able find not only a diagnosis but a way to keep from drowning in financial stress.

Um Ibrahim said...

just found this link:

Anonymous said...

Salaams: I happen to be wearing a maternity top I got at KMart five years ago right now (it's so busted I only wear it at home or under jilbabs, LOL). I also liked the stuff they sell at JC Penny's. I wore them with skirts w/ elastic waistbands (but note that I almost always do buy my skirts too big anyway) or jeans with a ponytail holder on the snap (well, that only worked for a few mos). This time around, though, I mostly either did jumpers (sometimes Wal-Mart sells some nice modest jumpers), or abaya abaya abaya.

Some plus-sized catalogs have nice tunic or swingy style tops that can work as maternity gear. I think they start at a size 12 or 14. Not sure. I think some of those modest Christian online stores have maternity clothes. Why don't you check that Dara Marie modest clothing site (is it or something??) There is a sister in Atlanta who makes modest clothing (abayas, dresses, jumpers), and I think she can make it for maternity and I know she makes garments for bf'g. I can't remember her name. It's custom made so it takes her about six weeks to get it to you... ARRGH. Love Unspoken, I think that's it. -- Umm Zaid

Umm Zahra said...

I was going to recommend the sister in Atlanta also. Her website is I ordered one abayah from her, but I thought she made it too tight. Next time I am going to give her the dress measurements and not body ones. Her quality is great. My abayah didn't take more then a month to get here.

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Anonymous said...

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