Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pregnancy dreams

I have some crazy dreams when I am pregnant... And it seems like last night was the first one for this baby.

I was in the hospital (for some unknown reason) and they were telling me I was going to have to have a c-section. I was alone. I was all gowned up and in a bed in a room waiting for the anesthesiology person and they brought in a really sick guy with bloodshot eyes wasting away in his bed. I got frantic trying to get up to go but I was stuck in the bed for some reason. So, I called my husband on all our numbers and no answer. So I am struggling to get away, and they are telling me I have to stay or I am risking the baby and myself. I am fighting the nurses and doctors and I woke up at that point.

Hmmm, all I can think is that this dream has something to do with the fear of having a baby in the hospital leading to things I don't want... With hospitals being a place for illness not birth. And of course my fear of having another c-section. I have the feeling that this is going to be "the" dream for this pregnancy... Anyone else have dreams like this during pregnancy? My other one is that I realize it must be the day of judgment because I am a midwife and I am pregnant and not only have I delivered several babies that day (it takes place in some kind of camp) but I find myself in labor.


Anonymous said...

I seriously hope things go your way.I know what its like to have c sections, having 2 myself-but inshAl;lah whatever ahppens a healthy baby will be born. How long have u got to go?How old is your youngest one?I really would like another baby but fear of having another c section haumts me. I had my cut across the bikini and hope if it does happen next time i'm able to give birth the normal way. Through your experience has it happened for women with 2 c sections?would love 2 know more. Meanwhile don't worry its probably just your fears and pregnancy sure does bring on starnge dreams. i used to get all nostalgic about my past and so on.Inshallah all well be well.
Why did u have 2 c sections before?

Surviving said...

I know I have been having some vivid dreams. I just can't remember them. My husband said one night I kept mumbling in my sleep. Later that same night I woke up standing next to my bed. I didn't start dreaming like this in the past pregnancies. I am also having more morning sickness, so I think the hormones are affecting me more this time.

UmmLayla said...

Shaila: First section was because the babies head never engaged even when I was fully dilated... And he did have a rather large head, but I think his presentation was probably also a factor. Second time I just ran into a deadline the hospital had for v-bacs, and I had been induced (which I will never do again). I am only about 12 weeks, so insha'Allah I have time to make some plans.

Surviving: Maybe feeling sick is a good thing... Maybe that is just because the hormones are up and running like they should be. I read something the other day on a blog and then I did some reading about it... Made me think of your pregnancies... It was about Factor V Leiden, a genetic mutation that increases ones tendency to clot. It can lead to HELLP syndrome (or pre-eclampsia) and can cause premature birth because the placenta can form clots and start to lose the ability to transfer nutrients to the baby, or of course usually the moms health necessitates an early delivery. Anyway, it can be treated pretty easily I guess. Baby Aspirin or in severe cases heparin. Anyway, I just got to thinking that if they really look at your history (condition of the placenta after delivery, your labs as you started getting pre-eclampsia) maybe they would be able to dig up something... Is the person you are seeing a specialist in high risk pregnancies?

Surviving said...

Yes they have me seeing the high risks doctors at the clinic. The hospital I am going to is one of the best places to have a high risk pregnancy in my area. My husband did suggest that maybe I get a second opinion and perhaps look into going to another hospital in the area that also has a level 3 nursery.

I will have to ask about that. I really don't know much about the first placenta as I was knocked out and no one told me, but the second time the doctor made the comment in the operating room that the placenta looked old.

Um Ibrahim said...

It seems that in general, whenever there is something worrying you , you tend to dream about that subject. and i think too if you eat before you sleep it makes you dream more. It's obvious that you are concerned about having another c-section and that is continuing during your sleep. But yes, pregnancy does bring on some strange dreams, for sure!