Thursday, November 17, 2005

I am a mess, and I am over it

I have been fighting the mess in our house since my DH and I moved in together in 1999. We both tend to be cluttered, and he is a MAJOR pack rat. I have watched as he collects things we don't need. I have had the misfortune to have gotten rid of something only for him to come looking for it a year later. Every time we move I purge... In his mind every time we move I lose things.

So, in spite of the fighting that it causes, I have reached this zen state about a certain percentage of the mess. I am one with the mess. It will never change, and no matter how much DH complains there is simply no way to "organize" his collection of junk. Throw it yes, organize it no. Hmmm, has anyone ever decided on separate houses because of clutter????


Anonymous said...

did u have 2 c sections alreday?
i take it you have 3 children now-so which were the c sections and far apart were they?
sorry 2 be so curious as i'm just wandering whether it is possible to deliver normally after 2 c sections which i have had.

UmmLayla said...

Yeah, I had a vaginal delivery and then two c-sections. I firmly believe that you can v-bac in any situation where you have a bikini (low transverse) scar. Having had a normal delivery in your history helps increase your odds for success though. The main question a midwife would ask you is the reasons for the c-sections. I can’t think of many that warrant a repeat... One would be damaged pelvis from some kind of accident. But, barring anything like that you could most likely v-bac.

Anonymous said...

so are you hoping to have a normal delivery this time round?

UmmLayla said...

hoping.... insisting.... plotting....LOL;)

Um Ibrahim said...

I have a hard time organizing, and sometimes just plain cleaning when the kids are around. So i wait until the weekend and my husband takes the kids out somewhere while i organize/de-clutter/clean. This is a life-saver. I feel like i'm in a vacation house after i've cleaned and organized it. You can learn to live with it but it's always a damper on your spirits.

Annette Burkett said...

You might try I'm not trying to advertise for her, but it has done wonders for my home and my family. She has great advice for helping "declutter" your home, as well as maintaining it. With children already and a baby on the way I can imagine you need all the help you can get! Hope it helps out!

UmmLayla said...

I have done the flylady thing... And I agree that it is a great program. I also agree that having a clean home is setteling to the mind.

Every once in a while I go on a tear, running around trying to do something to live in a clean house for a few weeks. My main problem is DH and his mess... I just wish I could teach him to declutter!LOL