Friday, February 15, 2008


Like many people who plan to move "back home" someday we have been planning to buy a building in Egypt instead of a house here in the states. Now, this all seems fine... But the details of such a purchase have been eluding us for the past 4-5 years. We talk to people, we consider, and then whatever plan we have gets pushed aside for other things. I am starting to wonder if it will ever actually happen!LOL I guess I wonder how we will ever accomplish this task. But, we are always looking at our lives here in the US as a stage and planning to invest in our future in Egypt. All our hard work here is for that Villa which we have never seen, and from my perspective at least, we don't really have the slightest idea about.

When I think about it, I wonder if we are doing the right thing? I'm sure there are other people who need things in this life more than I need a villa in Egypt. I don't even know that I have the right to such a house considering that the ummah is in a horrible state at the present time. Aren't there people in other nations that need food and shelter? Aren't there children whose parents can't afford to educate them? Aren't there families all over the world one step away from lifting themselves out of poverty and into a position where they could help not just themselves but others as well? Didn't the Prophet say:
"Muslims are one body. If any part of the body is suffering the whole body feels the pain."
And the Quran teaches us:
"And verily this Ummah of yours IS A SINGLE UMMAH and I am your Lord and Cherisher: Therefore Fear Me (and no other)." Quran 23:52

So, if we ever do have the money and the opportunity to build that villa... Insha'Allah we will make it an orphanage or a school for poor children instead... A clinic for people who have no money for medical care... A business for someone struggling to help his family escape poverty... In other words something that will help people in the best way we can. After all, we can be comfortable in the same apartment my DH grew up in, insha'Allah.


Mona said...

I commend you for the thought and consideration you and your husband have put into the building inshaAllah. We moved here sort of all of a sudden and I can't tell you how much we wish we could have planned it out. InshaAllah you take advantage of the time to plan your move. Really find out what is and isn't available here, research cities and neighborhoods for schools and shopping etc. Best wishes inshaAllah.

Umm Yehiya said...

Mona -
HOW do you research those things from the States? I'd love to!

Mona said...

I emailed you :)

UmmLayla said...

Mona, DH does nothing without careful thought and consideration!LOL Maybe too much thought and consideration!LOL

UmmYehiya, I can tell you that we have been researching though people we have there still... DH knows friends and my SIL is there. He has one friend in particular who has the money to do the same thing and we may go in with him on something... We have been considering the idea of building an apartment building and then keeping one space for ourselves to visit, then when we move we would take a whole floor by breaking walls and such... The thing is that you can just kinda build as you get money there. You get the money for the land and the foundation and just keep adding to it.

You all might want to look at the links Mona sent me, they are good thanks;) (musimahs married 2 egyptian men)