Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shoes and Souls...

So, Mama Mona (on the sidebar there) has inspired me to lay bare my shoe closet as I do agree with her idea that shoes can tell you something about a person... Here goes:

So let's start with my all time favorite since high school... Birks. Yes, I wear them all the time and with socks. Of course there are times when I have to leave them aside such as the dead of Wyoming winter... That's when I pick up these babies:

I also heart my Uggs. I have a suede pair like the ones pictured and a hard leather foot type to back it up on days when I can't wear the others. They are warm and comfy and wonderful in the winter.

Now if I must wear something that looks a little more formal I have my Dansko Professionals. I think they are comfortable and pass relatively undetected with a nice outfit. True story, I don't even own a pair of flats. I just wear these with dresses and everything. LOL

Someday I'm sure I'll have to grow up and get a more formal set of shoes... Then again maybe not. Oh, and of course my shoes are a dead giveaway that I am American wherever I travel... I don't think an Egyptian would even believe you if you told them what you pay for a pair of Birks!


Umm Yehiya said...

We share the same taste, hababti. :)

I'm ALL about comfort & function. Cuteness is a plus - in the case of my Uggs. I got a pair this winter and I LOOOOOVE them!

Last year, I wore Crocs - for a year. Through the winter, the snow, the ice - yes, it was crazy - and cold.

But I'm not a big shopper, and I didn't know what else would be so easy (this year I found Uggs - just slip on and go! WOOHOO!).

Say what you will about Crocs...I think they actually look kinda cute with my muslim attire - long skirts & tunics. But I must say, I did get red-in-the-face embarrassed when I was wearing them in Egypt last year, because I KNEW everyone thought they were the ugliest things on the planet. And being bright red, and foamy plastic, they looked MIGHTY STUPID with my fancier black abayas that I was wearing there. Heh heh

Mona said...

umm yehiya, who cares what people say/think. As long as you love them.

I love the uggs UmmLayla, have seen that type of thing for wearing around the house? It's been a cold winter here in Egypt.