Friday, February 01, 2008

Family nights

This image is an update on 2/3. A picture of my cowboy boot cake;)

For some time we were doing fun Fridays around our house... And once the kids went to school I just kinda let it drop. But I have decided to revive the idea and make it Saturday instead. So, tomorrow we are having a western night. Big people will end the evening with 3:10 to Yuma once little people go to bed;)

I'm making a cowboy boot cake, sheriff’s badge cookies, BBQ with baked beans and cornbread, and maybe some bandana napkins... And I will serve it all in camping gear type tins. I think I will try to get some cheapo cowboy hats too, and have you ever made those paper grocery bag vests? I'm going to do those... Plus some sculpie badges that the kids will make.

Anywhoo, you might want to try it if you have kids who are young enough not to think it's silly!LOL I know I have fun with it!LOL


Anonymous said...

That sounds like such a great time. I bet the adults get just as big a kick out of it all as the little ones.


la-la po said...

As salaam alaikum-

What is 3:10 to Yuma? Does your husband partcipate in the family fun nights, or is it pretty muh just you and the kiddos?

UmmLayla said...

3:10 to Yuma is a movie... A modern western. DH eats with us, but that is pretty much it. Oh, he watches the movies too.