Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I love a company with customer service

When we were in FL DH bought everyone Crocs with the Disney logo in the place of the openings. We were seeing them all over Disney and telling DH I was planning on buying them for the kids. I always have them for the kids summer shoes. So, our last day at Disney without me or the kids to try anything on... He bought 5 pairs of Crocs. 3 of them were the wrong size, including mine. Since there was very little chance of me growing into them, I e-mailed the company to see if maybe I could get another size. Now, I had very little hope in this endeavor since I bought them at Disney. Imagine my shock when I actually got a response. And imagine how happy I was when I got my new shoes in the mail yesterday? I am recommending Crocs highly. I was impressed when a friend got a replacement pair after her daughter's brand new Crocs ripped. But she took them back to the place she bought them at with the receipt blah blah blah. After my situation, I am thinking they are a great company... I for one am impressed with their customer service.


Simple Muslimah said...

Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi ukhti Kareema, MashaAllah your blog is great! Love reading it though have'nt commented yet.. Jazakaillahu Khayra for sharing with us. Ukhti I am from Pakistan and I need your help/advise on a really very veryy confused dont know what to do..? :'( can you help me please? here's the link for my whole story.. I'd highly appreciate your advise sister.. can you ask other sisters to advise me also? May Allah swt reward you tremendously!!! Aameen. Here's my email add
Take Care and keep this sinful soul in your prayers.. ws

Umm Yehiya said...


what colors are they? :)

UmmLayla said...

Mine are black and red, the boy's are blue and green and the girl's are pink and purple. Plus we got a handful of Disney jibbs out of the deal, so they look really cute;)

Aeryn said...


I haven't yet experienced the crocs craze. They are a bit expensive. I can't see buying them for my daughter as she is growing so fast that I would have to replace them in 3 months, lol. But I think I might save up anbd get a pair for myself. Sorry about the typos, I cut my finger and the bandage is preventing good typing lol.


Simple Muslimah said...

Assalam u 'alaykum sister.

Can I ask you to please delete my previous comment and this one too obviously. I'd be very grateful. or atleast remove my ID and the thread's link.

Jazakillahu khayran