Monday, April 21, 2008

DH is off!

So after much last minute packing and rushing around DH was off to Egypt last night. I am in Denver, hanging out for the afternoon since today was a teacher in-service day for the kids anyway. It's a good thing because I was TIRED and wouldn't have been able to make it back anyway. We got up at 4am and started packing all the piles of things DH wanted to bring into his bags and doing some last minute paper work for the business.

In the end I had packed the bags to 50lbs. I spent some time doing this and ended up getting rid of a few things (candy and pistachios) that DH had in there. I got to the check in only to discover that the new 50lb limit isn't going into effect for BA until November, and I could've fit the things I left behind and then some because my actual limit was 70lbs!LOL Oh well. DH can fit more gifts for us on the way back **big wink**.

All kidding aside... Please keep DH in your dua. He is traveling and the 24th is the one year anniversary of his mother's death. This is the first time he has been since her passing and I know it will be sad for him.


Miss A said...

Asalaam alaikum,

May Allah make it easy for him. InshaAllah the good memories will give him comfort rather than make him sad.

So... You had to take out the candy? When I go to visit my husband in Egypt next month I have to bring chocolate. It has been made quite clear just how important that chocolate is! I think they will send me right back if I don't have it!

Take care sis

Mona said...

InshaAllah he has a good safe, easy trip. I hope you're coming next time!

Molly said...

InshAllah he arrived safe. What is BA and how do they still allow 70 lbs??

I should totally check united and royal jordanian.

omg so much to do...

UmmLayla said...

BA=British Airways. And yeah... All over they are saying 50 lbs then I got to the gate and they said not till Nov... So check it out with your airline.