Sunday, April 06, 2008

Somebody stop me!

Well, at the end of last week I bought a ticket to ship DH off to Egypt for various family things that I think he needs to do even though he is shy to spend the money on a ticket. I guess I am in full panic mode now that he actually has a date for going because I am cooking and cleaning at full speed. I have re-arranged the living room for the millionth time, installed a closet organiser for DH, gone through all his clothes and separated and organised them, fixed some problems on his computer, swapped printers around between the house and the office, and am in the process of organising all the papers for his business that have been trickling into the house slowly over the winter months (when he hates to go to his office)... Oh and I am rearranging the kids room to include a toddler bed and going through all their clothes for the change of season (and sizes).

I have also been cooking. Sadly enough that means eating too. I haven't been that bad... But I am afraid that I need to get back on track and stop the snacking before I gain back any weight. I have made fried chicken, roasted chicken, baked donuts, pancakes, french toast, blueberry bars, pasta, meatball soup, well... Let's just say lots of stuff. I have the tendency to do this when I am stressed. Go figure. I guess I'd better stop soon. DH actually told me when I offered him the donuts today that I was going to put him into a sugar coma. Not a good sign!LOL

Anyway, I guess I am nervous and excited for DH. I think he really needs this trip. Please keep him in your dua, insha'Allah.


Aeryn said...

Asalaam Aliakum,

May Allah grant you dh a safe trip and return.

Wow, sounds a bit like me when I get manic, lol. I am a cleaning machine when I become manic, sometimes. It has been nice here recently though. I love to cook and sometimes, if I have someone to watch Em, I get into a cooking spree and just relax.

Insha'Allah you will find some time to relax soon.


Molly said...

Allah!!!!!!!!!!! Is it a quick trip or will he stay until you guys come?

Allah grant him and you all a safe trip! inshAllah I will see you there.

UmmLayla said...

Thanks to both of you!

This trip is just DH. His mother (allahruhamu) died last yea at this time, so he wants to be there for the one year anniversary of her passing. We didn't get to go for the funeral.

As for this summer this trip is part of solidifying plans for that and seeing the state of things there (our apartment and what not). I will have to see what he says about going again when he comes back. I think I might be the first to go in the summer and then he would join me later. We'll have to see. And of course everything depends on the daycare opening!LOL